It’s been 67 days in the hole.

I waited 2 weeks before I decided to break down and draw quarantine diary comics for the general public. I always draw diary comics, and have since 1997 when I saw a book called “Peep Show” by a guy named Joe Matt. This genius wrote about all the shit in his life (and sometimes literal shit) and got it published by Drawn and Quarterly. How in the fuck? I could do that! I was talented enough, and Lord All Mighty I had better stories to tell then the Master of Pee jars Joe Matt! So that’s when I started to write about my life. Sporadically at first, and then with more vigor as the years and the bitterness wore on. Now we have this unique situation, and damn near everyone I know has written about it in some form or fashion, and I, Mr. Different, decided that I wasn’t going to do it. Rather, I would focus on a project so far of left field people would think I’d quit making comics. I made sticker sets and T-shirt designs instead. Preparing for after, you know? BUT GODAMMIT, I just have to write about my life! I have many more stories you folks have never even heard about! Like when I met Arnold Schwarzenegger! Or when I lived in Montana! Or when I tried to lose weight too fast and wound up destroying my body! That one is a hoot! 043

Purging my Fear

I’m sick of the fear. I’m sick of every screen pushing that shit in my face. Including my own. So here is my ultimate fear diary page from yesterday. I purged that shit. For now. I am going to try to be hopeful, and as such, I am going to take my diary and focus it in a different direction. I’m a comedian at heart, and that is one of my strengths. Starting tomorrow, something different, but as real as it gets.037

Insanity Purge

Sometimes I get lost on the page. Sometimes I have no idea what to draw (I actually have 1000 things to draw but this is my way of procrastinating) so I grab a sketchbook and throw something dumb on the screen. It’s almost like a phone doodle, except I am paying attention to the artwork as opposed to what’s on the other end. I’m getting ready to enact a change in my life. Details to follow. I have to work through it mentally. It isn’t easy.034