Little Pidge Touches The Heart

Turns out my children’s book “Little Pidge Touches The Sky” is a hit! That has motivated me to start a second children’s book! And guess what? I love it!

I have been an art machine lately. After “Little Pidge” I started to paint again. A local art store had a sale on canvasses, and as the frugal consumer that I am, I jumped on the deal and grabbed a couple dozen. Time to fill up my walls again!

I will be tabling at a small toy show in Bloomington on May 2nd. I will have a years worth of merch, including sticker sets, keychains, pins, books, art, and more! Yes, Virginia, I will have some really cool, obscure figures for sale at non scalper prices, so get there early! It’s at the Eagles club.

May be an image of 1 person, playing a musical instrument, guitar and text that says 'Toy Swap may 2nd 9am-3pm Eagles 34 MN Toy Posse Outdoors 40+ tables of toys comics games artist prints and crafts 2507 E 25th st 55406 55406 Mpls Mn f'
I love these little shows! I will be under a tent, so I will be protected from the inevitable rain drops! Haha! Hey, here is some art from “Little Pidge Touches The Sky”! Grab a copy from Amazon, bring it to the toy show, and I will give you a free piece of original art! You can’t lose!