Big year gets bigger!

So I was invited by the legendary Danny Hellman to participate in the Jack T. Chick tribute anthology! Look out for that near the end of the year I’m guessing. Big names! I am in good company!

Speaking of anthology’s, I am also in the “Too Tough To Die” aging punk anthology put out by my own publisher Birdcage Bottom Books! Speaking of BBB, we were just over funded once again with our Kickstarter pitch! People love indy comics! Even legendary comedian and actor Patton Oswalt owns a couple of Lance Ward titles and posted about it on Twitter!

My children’s book Little Pidge Touches The Sky is a success! The book looks amazing. I always wanted to write a book my Mother or my wife wouldn’t be embarrassed to show off to co-workers! Hahaha!!

I hope life finds you well! Until next time!