Big year.

I haven’t posted in a long time. Why? Because I hurt a friend of mine’s feelings and I felt like it was penance for the strife that I caused. That’s all over now. Moving on.

3, count ’em 3! Big issues of Flop Sweat coming out this year! Issue numbers 2, 3, and 4! Incredible.

I did some art for the artist known as Gentle Jones, and it was turned into skateboard grip tape! I will be collaborating with Mr.Jones again I assure you.

Speaking of skateboards, I wrote a Children’s book! It’s called “Little Pidge Touches The Sky” and it’s about a pigeon without tailfeathers that finds a tiny skateboard and uses that to get around the city! It’s really about overcoming disability disguised as a charming 28 page book that is perfect for bedtime!

I also have a self published book on Amazon of quarantine auto bio comics called “A Good Man’s Brother”. It’s grim and it’s about how my marriage was almost a victim of covid-19. We worked our shit out, but not after months of unspeakable hardship. Don’t want to go back to that anytime soon.

I am in my ‘red’ period as far as painting goes. Everything has to start with bright red, then I add black, gray, and finally white to create this vivid series I may call “Comics in Hell”. They will featured in a solo art show, with details to follow!

I got vaccinated, so I am good to go as far a seeing others, so a “One-Man-Comic-Con” may be in order sooner than later. Talk to you soon!