Quarantine Diary: Lock-down!

I wasn’t going to do this. I figured every cartoonist on Earth was going to be working on a “I lived through Corona” comics, and, if you know me, I don’t do what everyone else does. I go my own way. Even if I am doing auto-bio, it’s different from everyone else. I suppose it could be because I never went to art school, so I don’t have a bunch of fucking ‘rules’ backing up my true creative purpose. Whatever the case, I wasn’t going to do it. Until I really started freaking out, and I had no one to talk to about my insecurities at the time. So I printed out a few of my old 6 panel sheets,and I started to confess to the paper. No penciling first, straight ink to paper as fast as my mind let my hands move, just like I did when I wrote the “Flop Sweat” stories. I’ve decided to share these with you, because I love you, and things could go South very quickly, and I want a record of what is to be, even if it is just the scared ramblings of a fat hermit.003

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