When I crushed my hand, I thought “Well, that’s it. I had my shot and I blew it, and now I don’t even get to keep trying.” For about five minutes, that is. You see, I have written and drawn so much, that no one has seen it all. The comic I present to you now was a product of my inability to draw due to my extensive injury. Oh sure, I could fake it for a few minutes, but then my thumb would pop out of its socket and that was it for about 2 weeks. So I did what any clever flagellated protist would do, and I drew a single frame; a character I could manipulate and copy throughout the entire comic. That iron icon, the stainless steel symbol of the working man, that good old gun metal blue stooge…the robot. I started with a single panel. I started with a single gag. Then an entire strip. Finally, after creating several of these strips, presented in a ‘newspaper’ style, a real narrative started to form. The characters started to have their own ‘personalities’. I made a plan. Tell a story in 100 strips. Each story a gag on it’s own, but revolving around a common thread. I like how it turned out. Here now, for the next few weeks, is the comic I called “Ironic Robot Comic”. Here is a tip before you begin. Read the main characters voice in a monotonous robot tone. The rest is up to you. 001

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