Life after Death

Some of you know this about me already. I had a heart attack in 2004, and while I was waiting for surgery, I died, came out of my body, saw the portal and everything, and was brought back to life. It’s true. It really happened. They gave me too much of a drug called metoprolol, and it stopped my heart. I didn’t know it. I was sitting up in bed, and the nurse had just given me some painkillers along with that med. I started to feel sick to my stomach and a little sweaty, so I told her that I was nauseous. She handed me one of those pink rectangular specimen ‘pans’ to puke in. About as soon as she handed it to me, I started to feel better! Really good, in fact! So I attempted to give her back the pan. I was already dead when I tried to do that. A couple of things happened at once. I knew I had died. I had a feeling of complete closure. I had no bad thoughts or anxieties. I had tried to live the best life I could, one with no regrets, and there I was, at the end of things, and I was ready. I was still in the area that my bed had occupied (I hadn’t tried to get up yet) when I saw ‘the portal’ form. Well, being a life long student of the weird and unexplainable (Thank you Leonard Nimoy and “In search of…) I knew that Doctors and scientists had always said that the ‘portal’ was merely the brain dying. Well, I saw the ‘portal’, and then I looked to the other side of the room. The ‘portal’, or whatever it was, stayed in the same spot.

lost comics 2greatshame0001greatshame0002

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