Workin’ man

I’ve always worked. Even when I became physically disabled after the heart attack. I became the home maker. Having a background as a cook helped, as a lot of the work is meal planning, shopping, meal prep, cleaning up after meals, and laundry. That shit alone can be an all day chore, but then add in the unpredictability of a couple of children, and it becomes work. Everybody knows this, right? My wife, in an effort to make our lives better, decided that to be a pharmacy technician wasn’t enough, and with my help and encouragement, she began her dream of becoming a pharmacist. She worked and went to school for 5 years, working nights and going to school during the day, while I took care of the rest. When I had to be hospitalized periodically ( still do) she stepped up and took care of what she could until I was better. When she was accepted to the Doctorate Pharmacy program at the U of M, she had to quit working, and, not coming from money, we had to live on loans and charity. 4 grueling years later she graduated, and after cutting her teeth at a retail pharmacy, she got her dream job at Children’s hospital, where she started her dream around 16 years ago. We called ourselves the “Twin engines” because our caravan could only go if both engines were giving their all. And we did. We went without. We starved so our kids could eat. I took a lawn chair and some paintings to downtown Minneapolis in the wintertime and tried to sell them for money to pay bills. I didn’t sell shit, but I did the next day. “Flop Sweat” is really the product of constantly striving for a dream that may or may not come true. We had terrible days and yet we kept plugging away. Her with her studies, and me with the comics. So please consider giving more to this dream of ours. With comics like mine, you can’t fake it. Click here to help us out!!Lanceman! 3Lanceman!_0002Lanceman!_0001

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