“Flop Sweat” indeed

I tried stand-up. Did I ever tell you that? It’s true. It was around the time I went to broadcasting school. I’ve always admired comedians, and the sharper they were, the more I liked them. I was smart enough and sharp enough to make a room full of people laugh, but I had to get some confidence first. When you grow up as I did, poor and lost amongst the masses, your confidence gets shaken. Add bullying to that and Mister you’ve got yourself the makings for a corner dwelling toad. But I wasn’t going to let that happen to me, and it was only when I left the yolk of familial anxieties did I grow in spirit. I was living in a group home at the time, probably Marshall House, and they took a group of us to the Mall of America, specifically the Knuckleheads comedy club, for Monday night specials. Well, I must have been in the upswing of my anxiety and depression, because when I went to the bar to get a drink, they had a sign up sheet to do 5 minutes on stage for an open-mic special. I signed up. Right before I went on, this dude came out in a Santa hat ( I remember that as I write this, so it had to be around Christmas Time) and he was half drunk and kind of funny, but then it was my turn. I didn’t come out and say “hi” or any of that shit. I groaned and put my head back like a teenager that just got told to take the trash out. A couple of people laughed. Then I told a joke so terrible I will not repeat it here. The place started rollin’. So I kept going. I told jokes for a few minutes, and then I started to shake with anxiety, so I said goodbye and walked off the stage to some good old Monday night applause! I went back the next week and did it again on my own. After that, I think that’s when I started broadcasting school and I didn’t have time for that particular dream. So when I started to write the stories of my life, the first story I wrote about was about that moment in my history. But it wasn’t just about me, that story was about someone else…

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