Josh Bayer is the man! Conclusion

Josh Bayer believed in me. He believed that I was a good artist that for some reason or another was swept under the rug, and he gave me the break I sorely needed. And because of that break, I met and befriended Maciej Palka. And through that friendship birthed a project that would become “Cykl Kozla”, the Polish version of the comic I once called “One Day in 1978”. Lo and behold, that comic started to gain some traction over in Poland, and it started to get some good press. Then it got nominated for 3 comic awards at their big convention/industry awards event. Guess what? It won! Best Writer and Best Book! That’s really one of the first things I’ve ever won, and it happened because Josh Bayer believed in me and Maciej Palka.

I got meet Josh at SPX, after J.T. Yost, my publisher and the workhorse behind Birdcage Bottom Books, decided that he would also take a “chance on Lance”(groan) and published “Blood and Drugs”, which debuted at the rich and varied comic fest in Bethesda Maryland. Josh was smart, funny, and super nice. He was busy as hell, and yet he made time to hang out with me a little bit and go over some secret projects with me. He is sharp. I didn’t have to dumb down my conversation with him, he knew exactly what I was talking about. And their weren’t any lulls in the conversation. Like me, he talks with passion about the things that interest him, and when he speaks, he has a childish glint in his eyes that puts you at ease and lets you know that he is 6 steps ahead of everyone else’s game. He was genuine. He didn’t reject me because I’m a fat goofball. He saw the real me, and treated me like an equal. His work is beyond good. It transcends the boundaries between pulp comics and fine art. I feel honored to be able to call him “friend”. Purchase Josh’s excellent work here!awards