Josh Bayer is the man Part 2

I traded artwork with the incredible Josh Bayer, and a bout 6 months after I get a message on Facebook. This guy says “Hey! I just got done coloring your art! Do you want to see it?” My art? Who the fuck are you? I didn’t say that but I was intrigued. Turns out, Josh liked my rendition of Blind Justice so much, he got this Polish artist, Maciej Palka, to add some incredible colors to my black and white drawing so that it could actually be included in a future edition of All Time Comics! Wow! I had been struggling with obscurity and self doubt because of the injury to my drawing hand, so to be included in a comic that would be in comic shops across the country on comic book Wednesday was, well, it sounded great, but I have learned over the years not to get my hopes up. BUT IT REALLY HAPPENED!All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape issue #0, back cover inside flap! I heard it was in there, but it wasn’t real until I jammed over to the Source(my comic shop) and saw a copy for myself. There it was! Holy shit! Of course, this wouldn’t be a Lance story without a little heartbreak, and there it was, on the inside front flap. The credit for our artwork went to someone else! It didn’t matter! My signature was on there, and I was proud as Hell! I bought every copy! Josh was super apologetic, he blamed himself for missing that, and he assured us that there would be a retraction in a following issue. And there was! In issue #2, inside cover flap bottom credits there is a blurb about the “super team” of me and Maciej! And you know what? Maciej and I decided to become a super team, and the first project we worked on after that was a little comic I drew in 2010 called “Goat Lore”. Maciej colored it, translated it into Polish, and gave it a sweet cover. To be continued!

In the meantime, WE ARE OVER HALFWAY with the Kickstarter! Thank you! But we need more money! If you like my comics, and I know you do, click here to help me!Tot tips0001


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