Josh Bayer is the man

Before I start, I want to mention something cool that happened. Josh Bayer is a cartoonist. Scratch that. He is an artist that uses comics as a medium, and he is a genius. His comics are like no other. You could try to compare him to some other guys, but you would be off the mark. His work is so uniquely original and astounding that I find myself pouring over a single page of his sometimes for an entire week. I’m not joking. One day he posted a page from “Theth:Tomorrow Forever”, his work in progress at the time, and my jaw dropped. It wasn’t in color yet, but it didn’t matter. I knew that place. I was in that place. I was Theth. It spoke to me in a way that not many pieces of art ever have. And I can name the rest. So we made a deal that we would trade for artwork. He wanted me to draw a pin-up of his character Blind Justice for his title “All Time Comics”. I was more than happy! So happy, in fact, that I drew him a piece of art, and I did a painting of the character which I then sent him. About 6 months later I got the page from him in the mail. It was protected in a ols Bristol cover and backing, and it looked like it was taped up by a homeless person tasked with taping things for sandwiches. But the art was perfect, and as soon as I could, I put it in a frame. I was depressed at the time, having crushed my drawing hand in a freak accident, so this was just the pick-me-up I needed. I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow. Buy Josh’s books here!WOFA0001