Only YOU can make it happen!

I have been working on the stories in “Flop Sweat” for 10 years. 10 long years. The stories have been nominated for a 2013 Minnesota Book Award and have made it into The Best American Comics anthologies TWICE. I put everything out there. I have alienated members of my own family to tell these stories. We are HALFWAY there! If we could get 40 people to donate 100 each we would be there. I am giving away the ORIGINAL PAGES to make this happen! I drew them out as fast as my hands and memory would allow, as I felt if I penciled them first, I would lose the essence of pure memory. After completing a story, I would go back and PAINSTAKINGLY WATERCOLOR every frame! It was time consuming. Not to mention all the digital work that I AM STILL DOING!! I am using a lot of caps today to get the point across. Click here to help me make a dream come true!depressed0002