Anxiety Remedies (The story of Flop Sweat) part 6

Diary comics, huh? Okay. I decided to split the pages in half. Half would be for good old Tatertotdiaperman comics, and half would be me talking about whatever the fuck I wanted to talk about. At the time it was anxiety. I’ve always had problems with anxiety. My Mom was what people would call a “worry wart”. She had (and still has) turbo anxiety, and after my dad left, that turbo went into overdrive. That time though, her own anxiety wasn’t enough. She had to juice mine up as well so she would have someone to worry with. That’s my take on it. I don’t remember being so worried about everything until my dad left. You know what I worried about? Getting a Darth Vader action figure. And possibly a Tie Fighter. That’s it! Fucking toys! When my Dad left, I really needed those toys. I couldn’t lean on my Mother! She was leaning on me! I had no one to talk to. Jesus, I am going down a rabbit hole here.

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jerk0001stooge0001Finishing up0001

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