The story of Flop Sweat part 6

I got a great response! But I also had a lot of Tatertotdiaperman fans, so I what I did was take a single sheet of computer paper and I drew two, crude “pages” containing 12 panels each. That way, after I drew the comics, they would be easily duplicated in a commercial printer so I could print up my own mini-comics, which I did and still do once in a while. They were a little crooked and not exactly “commercial”, but they worked perfectly in the context of my stupid little cartoons. Then, I decided that I would devoted half a sheet, or a single page, to stories about me, and the other page I would devote to TTDM adventures. So I went and made about 100 of those pages, and that’s what I would grab everyday while I wrote this stuff. And then one day I ran out of pages, and I lost the original…Newtate_0002

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