The story of Flop Sweat

When I started drawing these diary comics back in 2010, it didn’t start out as such. It started out as Tatertotdaiperman comics. What’s that you ask? Tatertotdiaperman was a nickname my children gave me back when Henry was just 2. We used to watch a lot of Japanese TV, such as Iron Chef and Takeshi’s Castle. One of our favorites was the original Ninja Warrior competition. They had all kinds of crazy characters trying their skills on the obstacle course! This was wholesome fun for us to watch together. They had one competitor that they called “Diaper man”. The kids just laughed and laughed at that name. Well, one day I fed the children an easy dinner, and about halfway through I could smell some foulness emanating from beneath my son’s highchair. Time for a diaper change. Well one thing led to another…

poopy tots0001

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