I am a broadcaster, and always will be.

I went to Brown Institute for Radio and Television Broadcasting back in 1994. It was part of an opportunity for guys like me who were suffering with mental illness to try and learn a skill so that we could become productive members of society. Not one to turn down the chance for another adventure, especially since I felt less than human at the time, so I went for it. I lasted about 3 months before the anxiety and depression took hold of my life and sank me into a pit of despair. While this was happening, I met Earl Root and started doing hid radio show over at KFAI. They had a class to teach studio production, and since I had learned that at Brown, it would be a breeze for me. And it was! The person teaching the class would turn out to be Mr.X. He recognized my talent right away(I am super sharp and quick with the wit, and I am not afraid of a microphone, and my babbling nature seems to suit the nature of the biz, as it were) and he gave me work helping him with assorted media projects around the Twin Cities. We become very close.The Ignorant and the desperate0001

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