Interesting Tidbits

As I put together issue #2 of the upcoming series “Flop Sweat” (out soon from Birdcage Bottom Books) I realize that I have a lot of ‘one-shot’ type of stories from my youth. Instead of putting them in their own book, or forgetting them entirely, I will be interjecting a few of them here or there within the pages of future issues. They will relate to the time period that will be covered in that particular issue. I’ve redone all the color for every page, fixed the mistakes that still exist incredibly after 10 years, added content, and/or edited the stories. This here is a story that will make it into issue 3 or 4. You will notice the black borders. That was the way I had intended my comics to look waay back in 2010. I thought the black would add some gravity to my loose drawing style for these particular comics. I was wrong. But here you go anyway. Part 1 of 4.