You know what that means? That means you lock yourself into a style. Let’s say you are a fine artist. You enjoy painting pastoral scenes. But one day, you go off the rails and paint something bizarre and completely different than what you normally create. Well, that crazy paintings ends up selling for a lot of money (which is hard to come by for most artists) and he also says “I want more”. So you paint more. The money rolls in. Now the fame kicks in. A newspaper article. TV spot. All of it showcases your weird art. Art that you didn’t even mean to create. So now you’ve got the fame and the money you always craved, but it comes at a price. Everyone expects you to keep painting that weird shit, and if you don’t, should you go back to painting what you truly love, you get rejected, and everyone asks “Where is the weird shit?”. So now you either have to paint what the world wants you to paint, or go back to poverty, or even worse, obscurity. I never wanted that for me. That’s why every project I do seems and looks different from the next. The A-Hole! series looks different from my Flop Sweat autobio comics. My book Ironic Robot Comic is worlds away from Blood and Drugs. I never wanted to pigeonhole myself. So there you go. anal

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