The Vent

I started Antiseptic around 6 years ago. I wanted to tell diary comics, but I didn’t want to do the large, 12 frames per page format that I had used for the stories of my past (which will finally see the light of day under the title “Flop Sweat” from Birdcage Bottom Books) as it didn’t seem appropriate at the time, as I was trying different things out, Georgia was in medical school and I was the sole caretaker of the family. I figured I could do it ‘newspaper strip’ style and that would be easy enough for me to jam out one a day. Didn’t work out like that. I did make some great strips (I will share them here over the next couple of weeks) but I couldn’t keep it up. Why? Because I spiraled into a year long depression, and I essentially stopped drawing for a while. Instead, I focused on my health, and that went about as well as expected. (Make a thumbs down sign and blow a raspberry through your lips.)lost comics 2

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