Book deal

Struck a deal with Birdcage Bottom Books to serialize my auto-bio comics! Unfortunately I will be stopping posting the comics in question (sorry, but you’ll be able to buy the first issue issue when it debuts at MoCCa in April!) as why buy the cow when the milk is for free? I will have more updates in the coming weeks, but you won’t be getting the same old comics, either! I have redone the color on every page, and since it is being serialized, it reads the way I envisioned it when I started drawing these in 2010! Want a preview? Grab a copy of“The Truth Behind Blood and Drugs” from Birdcage Bottom Books today! It is just a sample of some of the kind of stories you can expect from me, although the design and color of the new stuff is way better! In the meantime< I am working on a title logo that will work with the whole series. I present to you…New logo 001

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