I’m tough. I can take a beating. I had been doing it for 10 years at that point. Fighting enemies? No problem. I’ll crush you. Fighting ‘friends’ though? Sucks. You don’t want to hit them as hard as you can and the whole time you keep wondering “Why?”. It’s stupid. Why do people turn on others like that? In this case it was the drinking. But maybe they were sick of having me around. We didn’t work together anymore (they couldn’t sell shit anyway. I think they got hired hired just to fatten Johnny Valentine’s pyramid scheme)and I didn’t have shit to offer them. Just a promise of rent money to come. Shit, I hadn’t been there but 4 days when this shit happened. I had been sleeping in apartment building hallways and anywhere I could sleep that wasn’t in my Buick. After I lost my car., I was desperate. And utterly alone.116

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