The Art of the Flop

I tried. I really did. I had the arrogance of the youth as the wind in my sails and I just couldn’t make any headway. Sure, I was able to secure an apartment in Minneapolis, but that was short lived. I wasn’t a salesman. I had the courage to do it, and it takes a lot of courage to walk into a room full of strangers and start talking to them like they are old friends. But that’s what it takes. Colleges were easy, as everyone was namn near the same age as me, and if I couldn’t exactly  go to college, at least I could be at college, and kind of see or do the same kind of extracurricular activities that a normal college kid would participate in. And by that I mean parties. I went to a lot of parties on every major campus in the 5 state area. I went to rally’s and I ate at the same places the students did (even the cafeteria’s) and I drank at the same coffee shops. I was living the ‘college’ life without having to go to the classes! I thought I had it all figured out! There was only one problem: I didn’t make that much…


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