I was out.

Each of us in born into a bucket of shit, and each of us is given a rope. Some of the people use the rope to tether themselves in place. Some use that rope to tie to other people. Some take that rope and use the fibers to make clothing so they look fancy as they waddle around in the shit bucket. Some use that rope to hang themselves. But some use that rope to climb out of the bucket. And that’s what I did. I fell into another bucket after that though, and I kept climbing out only to find another bucket waiting for me, but eventually I hit the ground. 103

My thighs were still cold the next day.

Mikey told them I didn’t have anything to do with it. After they PICKED HIM UP. They made me walk home from St.Paul, but they picked Mikey, the actual thief, up from the klink in Minneapolis. I was so fucking pissed, but I was more tired and cold, so I went downstairs to lay on my couch. Mikey was down there when I got in and I confronted him. But what was I going to do? Kick his ass? He didn’t know his little plan was going to backfire and he certainly didn’t know that I would get my ass kicked down a stairway and that I would have to walk home. I hope they admired my tenacity though. I fuckin’ did it.102