No Christmas in Mudville

I just needed to get the fuck out. Forest Lake was an anchor around the necks of friends I went to school with, and that wasn’t for me. I was an adventurer! It didn’t matter that I had never been anywhere! It’s the spirit inside the man that makes him who he is, and my spirit had been jumping to get out for years! I was ready to ‘go for it’, whatever ‘it’ was! The Ward name? What the fuck was that anyway? It was just a label. I was a man, a blank man, ready to let the world shape me into who I would eventually become. The Ward family didn’t want me? Fine. I’ll show them. I’ll become greater than the sum of them all! I’ll put myself out there so much they be forced to acknowledge me! Not only that, I’ll tell secrets and dirty stuff! Yeah! How do you like that, Grandma? Won’t be taking a copy of “Adults Only” to your church group? Aww.093

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