Pomp and Circumstance

Something happened that final Senior year that would give me hope. All through my school career I had gotten “F”‘s or “D”‘s in art. Art? Yep. I didn’t want to do the remedial assignments the art teachers handed out. I was way beyond that skill level, but instead of nurturing me or showing me how to be better, they always got mad at me for not doing the structured projects that fit into their yearly syllabus. Until that last year. The normal art teacher (who names escapes me) left after only a couple of months due to complications from toxic shock syndrome, and some young guy came floating in on the breeze. He saw my sketchbook and where I was talent-wise, and he made a deal with me: Create 10 projects throughout the year, any medium, any subject, and I will grade you on that merit at the end of the year. Deal. I painted! I sculpted! I did cartoon work! I turned in much more than the 10 art pieces required, and guess what? I got my one and only A+.088

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