Changing the Subject

I can’t go on with the current storyline. It brings up a lot of painful memories, and people change. I don’t necessarily feel the same way I did back then-of course not. But when I plumb the depths of my mind for the stories I’ve meticulously remembered for years, I can’t help but experience the same feelings and anxieties I did back then, and it depresses me. If you want to finish that story you can purchase a copy of “I Thought You Were Dead”. That is my giant full-color auto-bio graphic novel that tells the story of my life until just after I met my wife. I put everything in there. But that’s the good stuff, isn’t it? The shit. No one gives a fuck if you had the greatest life ever. They want to know about the dirt. Why? Because that is a common thing we all share on this planet. Misery. We all know misery in form or another, and it is that which binds us. We all love to share in a cup of tears. So this next story isn’t great either, but I don’t care. This takes place right after I got caught up in the robbery of the gas station where I clerked…075

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