“Kmart Shoes” is wearing baby pants!

Kids can be so fucking cruel. They don’t know any better. A lot of them just follow along because it’s the thing to do. They don’t even know why. Someone starts a chant, and they just blindly start chanting as well. Doesn’t matter that the chant was started by an asshole against a poor kid. Doesn’t matter if that poor kid was going through loss and grief and the worst possible Hell he could imagine. The chant was all that mattered. “Kmart Shoes!! Kmart Shoes!!” I’ll never forget it. Ever. How bad I felt. I liked school. I liked learning and being polite to teachers and I liked books and art supplies. The bullying I encountered in elementary school was bad, but it was controllable. Junior High was vicious. School used to be a welcome escape from the sad reality of my home life, but now it had become torturous. The hectoring was non-stop, and my only respite were hidden corners in the school. I left the worst parts out of this comic.023

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