The stigma of being poor.

It’s funny what kids think is important in life. Back in seventh grade, your clothes made you who you were. Isn’t that stupid? I don’t know what happened. One day clothes were just clothes; they served a purpose. But then the next day, clothes became socially important. A little fucking leather patch on the back of your jeans suddenly became the symbol of higher social status. If your shoes weren’t made of leather, you just didn’t make the cut. What the fuck was it with leather back then? Leather jackets, leather shoes, leather patches on the back of some over priced denim. The vanity would only get worse as the eighties rolled on. How freeing it must have been after Nirvana came and changed everything! Wash that shit out of your hair! Thrift store clothes were now in! You just bought a whole bag of flannel for 8 dollars? Let’s go put on some Blind Melon and coat each other in patchouli! Shit, I was grunge before everyone else. But like most pioneers, I was ahead of my time, even if I was left back socially. Fuck it.022