Wasteland Adventures!

Almost 16 years ago I wrote a comic called “Klonko”. Wrote the script/storyboard thumbnails the day my son was born. He came slippin’ out at 2:30 am and I had to work at 10. Nothing I could do. We were poor and needed the money. Bleary eyed and less than enthusiastic I began my shift at the bar where I was the weekend kitchen manager. Which was a joke, as I was the only one who worked the kitchen during the weekend. SO after I opened up and got the place going, I sat at the bar and waited for the regulars to come in and keep my day slow but steady. Well, it just happened to be the coldest day of the year that year, and we had about 10 people stroll in all day. I didn’t want to fall asleep, so I grabbed my sketchbook and started to write. I wrote the first 40 pages of the saga that day. It would be 6 years before I got around to actually drawing it.

It was be the first book in a series telling the saga of “The Golden Crown”. The story stands on it’s own. So did my next book “Stovetop” which was nationally published. But I connected them. I connected almost every fiction story I wrote after that to that first story. I had a 10 year plan. I didn’t know if I would live that long to see it to fruition, but goddammit I would try. As I kept telling my stories, the larger picture started to take shape, until finally I had an entire, flushed out continuity, connecting all my books together into one cohesive narrative. Then I wrote the end. I didn’t just write it, I finished it.

I called it “The Apocalypse Chronicles”. Like most books I write, it stands on it’s own, and you can read it and enjoy it without having to read any of the other books first, although if you did, the richness and continuity you would find will put a smile on your face. It’s still not done. I have ONE MORE PART to finish, and then the 500 page saga of “The Golden Crown” will be finished. Here are some pages from the ending. Don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything!