I don’t hate the guy. Sure, it’s been 20 years since I’ve heard from the guy and he never really liked me, but I thought I got through to him once or twice. I just want him to know that, despite numerous predictions of an early death or incarceration, that I made it. Not only that, but I made something more of myself than he ever did. That I had the courage to chase a fantasy and make it real. That I never hit a guy that didn’t deserve it, and that I am a protector of women, children, and those that other’s call ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’. I want him to know that I am kind to animals, and that I passed on these good qualities to my children despite denouncing ‘industrialized religion’. But most of all, I taught them to not be judgemental about others, and to be understanding and patient because not everyone has had it as easy as they have. dad