Dental nightmare

I just had deep cleaning done on my teeth. Wasn’t fun. I have a root canal to look forward to next week. That’s because when I was a kid, I had the same dentist all through my youth. He was abusive towards me. The bad, touchy kind of abusive. Like, when he would yell at me about keeping my teeth clean, he would grab my crotch really hard. Trying to make a point I suppose. Well, when I was just about 18, my Mom wanted me to go in and see him one more time before I lost my dental insurance through her plan. She made ma an appointment and everything. I skipped it. I was done with dentists. So that means that the last time I had my teeth cleaned professionally before this past year was 1984. You read that right. The year Prince’s Purple Rain came out. Reagan was president and would be for another 4 years. Now, I kept good care of my teeth, but the plaque built up. Then I got a cavity. 35 fucking years and I get a goddamn cavity! Well, it requires a root canal, but before that can happen, I had to get my teeth debrided and deep cleaned. I think the hygenist dug into every nerve in my mouth just for fun, but I got the cleaning and all that done, so now I can go in and get a root canal next week. Yay me. Here’s a cartoon. anal

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