“I Thought You Were Dead”

I heard that phrase at least 20 times when I first jumped on Facebook 10 years ago and started looking people up. My life had been so fluid and unpredictable that AI would often leave people and places behind without explanation. This was before everyone had cell phones and, well, I didn’t have regular phone money most of the time. So I wrote this book for all the people that always wondered what happened to me.

It began with “Kmart Shoes” and followed with “Adults Only” and “Radio Daze”. I wrote, and released the stories at different times, but the stories were always meant to go together. The individual parts themselves gained some acclaim. “Kmart Shoes” was nominated for a Minnesota Book Award and it made the Notable Mention list in print at the end of “The Best American Comics 2014”. The “Adults Only” chapters contributed 25 pages to “The Best American Comics 2016” which debuted on the NY Times bestseller list at #1 and stayed there for 17 weeks. Sadly, the notoriety wouldn’t net me a book deal, so after I crushed my drawing hand, I decided to just put them together in a giant, full color book myself. It’s kind of spendy, but it’s it’s long and it will take you a long time to read all of it. You can grab a copy here.

These are a couple of pages I added in between stories to kind of stitch the whole thing together. 160161