The Price.

One of my biggest fears was that someone would read my auto bio stuff and hate me for the rest of my life. My Mom especially. I love my Mom and she did the best that she could do. After my dad left, my Mom was the only thing keeping us together, and she had a hard time keeping herself sane during this time. She grew up Catholic, so divorce was a sin. She figured my father, who had done a tour in the Navy and was currently a National Guardsman, was tough enough to get through anything. She wasn’t prepared for that new life of independence. She did what she had to do, but she never once took welfare. She made us starve and go without because there was no way her pride would let her go down to the courthouse and apply for hand-outs. That wasn’t her way. So I feel bad when I go back and tell the stories of the fucked-up things that happened, because she didn’t mean it, and that’s not the type of person she was, or is. In fact, she is a saint who devotes her life to helping others, health problems and all. But my sister and I did get beat with a coat hanger. and other stuff. And it wasn’t my Dad. My Dad would just punch me. My Mom was the wielder of household weaponry. But I din’t tell anyone that. I had to protect my Mom. This comic below, which is included in my new book “Fortune Favors The Damned”, takes place on the day my dad left. It was a transition period for me. I was 11. I liked playing with toys(still do), but I was also getting interested in girls…



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