Narrative Device

The new book, “Fortune Favors the Damned”, focuses on my modern day life, with forays into the past. I have PTSD from 2 events in my life: when my Dad abandoned our family when I was 11, and when I died and was brought back to life after a heart attack. Those two events never leave my mind, and not a day goes by where I don’t think about what happened. I go over it and over it in my mind. I relive conversations and I keep telling the story in my head, even though when I wrote about those things the thoughts were supposed to stop, right? Wrong. It takes a great will to get my mind to move on from those events which is probably why I create as much as I do. I’ve done over 300 pages of comics and 25 paintings so far this year. Try as I might, though, I can’t shake it. So in this new book, I decide to use a narrative device to tie all the years worth of diary comics together. My late grandfather Bill Ward. The last time I saw him, he had his down in shame as I looked to him for comfort and understanding while my grandmother berated me and kicked me out of the Ward family on Christmas day 1986. Why use him? I don’t know yet. The fact is, I don’t remember what he looked like anymore. I kind of remember, but now, when I think back to good times with him, Ijust see the faces of the friends I love. Isn’t that weird?webfftd

My health gets worse every year and everyone knows it but we don’t talk about it. But I need to talk about it as I see the veil between realms grow thinner for me. I relate more to the cosmos now than real life.