Ironic Robot Comic

After my hand was crushed, I found myself unable to draw. For a person like me who draws at least a single page everyday and usually more than that, this was a mental blow. Productivity is the key to controlling my anxiety and depression. Plus, my engine runs on praise, and if I can’t continuously create something praise worthy, I don’t get the mental fuel to keep me going. I had already put together 5 books that I had just been waiting to self publish in increments. But at the core, I am a writer, and I needed to tell a story. Then I saw that famous cartoon of a dog sitting in a burning room. Every panel is the same(mostly) except the dialogue changes slightly. That’s it! And yet, somehow, that cartoon had 500,000 likes. “Is that what people want?” I thought to myself. “The same thing over and over again?” I normally can’t stand comics like that. A single drawing and all that changes is the dialogue? Fucking lazy. And kind of genius. The numbers didn’t lie. I decided right there to make my own ‘lazy’ comic. So I painfully managed to draw a single panel of the dumbest, most simply crappy robot I could draw. I based the design off of the Playskool people design. You know the one! Looks like a little wooden butt plug!Bruh

I chose to make them all the same except for some slight variations except for the fact that they all have the same gray face. They all came off of the same factory floor, after all. I put a hat on the supervisor and on the religious character. The color of the bodies would differentiate between the different designations. That’s it. I had no plan other than to make a few strips and see if I could do it successfully with minimal drawing. The very first strip is the spoof on the ‘dog in the burning room’ comic. “Life is fucked, blah blah blah.” Well, it worked. I was able to pull it off. Okay. So I started to play with the character. I put him in charge of all of humanity, and immediately had him wipe out all humans. Now what. The main robot didn’t care for humans, so he eliminated them. Wouldn’t it be funny if all the other robots acted just like humans, with only that robot actually aware of his station while all the others went around clueless? Yes. Yes it would. I wound up crafting an entire story, from beginning to end, in 100 comic strips. It starts slow and kind of jokey like a typical newspaper strip, except for the word ‘fucked’ in the first strip. But then,when I introduce Sydney, the story starts to get dark and compelling.007

That’s right! It begins to have a single narrative! Well, I managed to create the 100 strips, and I had planned on publishing it in landscape style, kind of like a repair manual. I couldn’t find a printer to meet my needs affordably, so I self published it in A5 style. Getting ready for a local con, I also hand crafted 24 little action figures of the main character, and packaged them up for sale with the book. I also had sticker sheets made up and postcards! Despite my crippled hand, I would have all new material for the con! But, like most ‘superhero’ cons, an indie artist just isn’t a big draw, and I didn’t sell shit. Once again, another book goes on the ‘flop’ shelf. But I liked it, and you can judge for yourself and you can buy it here!