The story of “Blood and Drugs”

My ribs were broken. I couldn’t lay down on my back or my left side, so sleep was very hard to come by. In 2013 I had kidney stones for 4 months and became addicted to opioids. I had to quit cold turkey after the entire ordeal and it was not fun. This time, I turned down the opioids (as they make me puke sometimes and that is the LAST thing I wanted to happen with broken ribs) and started taking the medical cannabis that had recently become legal in my home state of Minnesota. I was sleep deprived, in incredible pain, and stoned. In my stupor, I began “Blood and Drugs”.

Now, I had created the original “Blood and Drugs”, a 24 page full color comic about an artist who tries heroin and ends up trading all of his original artwork for the drug. Once he runs out of artwork, his addiction takes a desperate turn. I self published about 20 copies (one of which I sent to Rob Clough and he reviewed it on his blog! You can read it here! )and then I kind of put it on a shelf and forgot about it. Just another failed experiment. The main character (who is loosely based on me), and the artwork (which was experimental in the first place) would serve as a template of sorts while I tried to draw again with my crippled drawing hand. Only this time, I would give him a name. A name that I was called by some player while I tried win a poker tournament. He kept calling me “Buster”. You can grab a copy of “Blood and Drugs” here!