“Blood and Drugs” out now!

Blood and Drugs(purchase here!) is not what it appears to be. Sure, there is plenty of blood and drugs within, but the underlying tone is one of acceptance; of others and yourself.

I really did crush my hand. Freak accident, but it was quite catastrophic. after it happened I drew a small comic about it with my left hand. It would be the last comic I would draw for a year. “Blood and Drugs” was my response to a deep depression and loss of identity. I am an artist-through and through. I draw, write, paint, sculpt, create music, and I customize models when I’m not busy doing all that other stuff. Not only that, but the small amount of fame I had garnered from my comic in “The Best american Comics 2016” had dwindled to nearly nothing, and I still hadn’t made a deal for the 25 plus books I had created, completely finished and collecting dust. Once again, I figured my art career, as promising as it had once been, was about dead. And then I crushed my ribs saving a kitten from being killed by my dogs. The entire lower ribcage on my left side had been broken when I fell in a rush to save that screaming kitten. Lung collapsed, I managed to save the little guy before I took myself to the ER. To be continued!