I don’t show anyone my sketch book pages very often. Why? I figure it’s too busy for anyone other than the schizophrenic, or people tripping hard on mushrooms. I have 1000’s of pages of stuff just like this. Many more have vanished to the sands of time. In the interests of science, and to preserve a record of my madness for future scholars to debate, here is the latest page, drawn at my table in front of my PC while I watched;listened to Rahssan Roland Kirk-Live in Paris 1972.



The Artist

My scanner sucks, and it has been washing out the color of the artwork I have been scanning. In time, I will get a new one. That being said, here are a couple of new paintings. I would like to be a cover artist. I dream of doing covers for Heavy Metal or Creepy, that type of stuff. Guttdr.