My Heart Attack pt.5

This details the first angio and stent placement. I’ve had two more surgeries since then, and now have 4 stents in my heart. I have to take a lot of heart meds everyday. My leg hurts. My chest hurts. I get weird, crampy chest pains throughout the day, every day. It freaks me out. Every single day, I wonder “is today the day?”. I’m not afraid, I just have true purpose in my life, and I’d like to be able to see some of it through. It’s hard, though, to make long term plans. Sometimes even short term plans have to wait because of all the other health problems I’ve developed since the heart attack. Goddamn I loathe complaining about my problems. I write about them so 1. I don’t forget what happened and 2. so others can know what happened. So this is what happened. And, apparently, I didn’t have any eyebrows back then!



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