My Heart Attack pt.4

I wrote this years ago, and some things have changed. Firstly, let me clarify that I DID NOT see people in the portal when I died. That was just a dream that I had had. When I saw the portal, it was more like a gate, or a doorway opening up. It’s hard to describe, but imagine that the world we live in is 2-D, and the portal popped out in 3-D. You’ll find out. But the bottom line was, I was a solitary moment for me; profound and brief. I’ve had another dream where I can really see in the portal, and I see a corridor, not unlike a sunny hallway in a school. Secondly, I have come to the realization that a higher power, or a “God”, plays no part in, what I believe, is just a natural transition to a different state of being. But I do indeed have a feeling of being the best person I can be always. I’ve kind of adopted that as one of my mottoes. I do often wonder the nature of my current being. At times I can’t tell if I’m alive or dead. Really. Sometimes it seems as if the veil between worlds is thin. I can see it. I can see things now that I could never see before. I can understand things things like I never could before. The connections and convergences are laid out in front of me like a road map. But are these things delusions due to some sort of brain damage? Or am I, after having touched the cosmos, truly connected to this reality?


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