Adults Only in The Best American Comics 2016

Well, it happened. Validation. Validation for all the miserable nights cowering in fear, anxiety coursing through my veins, unable to cope with a world that didn’t want me. To all those people that have supported me through the years, I say “Thank you”, for it was your positive reinforcement that kept me going even when the darkness held me down. And to all those people that doubted me, that threw me away at a young age because I made some stupid mistakes, and to all those people that kicked me over the years I say this: Thank you as well, as your indifference to my life grew a lust in my heart to not just succeed, but to do it bigger than any of you could have guessed. You can buy Adults Only on Amazon, along with 18 or more of my other books. Adults Only

I hope someone lets my Father know what I have done. I want them to tell him that I’m not a piece of shit. I want him to know I have a son named Henry, and that he is a good boy and I love him. And I want him to know that I quit smoking a long time ago.