Introduction to “Radio Daze” pt.2

“Radio Daze”, along with all of my other books, can be found on Amazon. Of course, I am redoing the whole book, so that won’t be the final version. But if you don’t want to wait, you can just go grab a copy.

Now in this page, I give the old location of Brown, because that’s where it was when i went there. Mad Mad Mexican was right down the street, and a bunch of other cool places, but they are all gone now, as they redid Lake street years ago.


My Heart Attack Final part

A lot has happened to me since then, and I’ve written about a  bunch of it. I’ve had many complications since then, but it’s been eleven years so far,and I’m determined to see my life through. I see now that the heart attack was meant to be, to set me on the path I was meant to take. I’ve inspired people with my comics, and moved them emotionally. My children see me as an achiever now; a role model that they look up to and respect. I could have just died there, back in 2004, and my soul would have been just fine. But I think it would have left this dark world with one less light.


My Heart Attack pt.5

This details the first angio and stent placement. I’ve had two more surgeries since then, and now have 4 stents in my heart. I have to take a lot of heart meds everyday. My leg hurts. My chest hurts. I get weird, crampy chest pains throughout the day, every day. It freaks me out. Every single day, I wonder “is today the day?”. I’m not afraid, I just have true purpose in my life, and I’d like to be able to see some of it through. It’s hard, though, to make long term plans. Sometimes even short term plans have to wait because of all the other health problems I’ve developed since the heart attack. Goddamn I loathe complaining about my problems. I write about them so 1. I don’t forget what happened and 2. so others can know what happened. So this is what happened. And, apparently, I didn’t have any eyebrows back then!



My Heart Attack pt.4

I wrote this years ago, and some things have changed. Firstly, let me clarify that I DID NOT see people in the portal when I died. That was just a dream that I had had. When I saw the portal, it was more like a gate, or a doorway opening up. It’s hard to describe, but imagine that the world we live in is 2-D, and the portal popped out in 3-D. You’ll find out. But the bottom line was, I was a solitary moment for me; profound and brief. I’ve had another dream where I can really see in the portal, and I see a corridor, not unlike a sunny hallway in a school. Secondly, I have come to the realization that a higher power, or a “God”, plays no part in, what I believe, is just a natural transition to a different state of being. But I do indeed have a feeling of being the best person I can be always. I’ve kind of adopted that as one of my mottoes. I do often wonder the nature of my current being. At times I can’t tell if I’m alive or dead. Really. Sometimes it seems as if the veil between worlds is thin. I can see it. I can see things now that I could never see before. I can understand things things like I never could before. The connections and convergences are laid out in front of me like a road map. But are these things delusions due to some sort of brain damage? Or am I, after having touched the cosmos, truly connected to this reality?


My Heart Attack Story pt.3

Man, my lettering back then sucked! One of these days, I’ll create my own font, and fix some of these old comics. Although, it does have a certain charm I suppose. Another flub: I drew myself with my glasses on. This was just a force of habit. My glasses were off when this happened. In fact, as I recall, I didn’t even bring them with me to the hospital.

I think about what happened every single day. It changed my life drastically and forever. As I look back, I realize now, that after the nurse had handed me the sepsis pan, and I handed it back because I was feeling better, I must  have already been dead at that point. The transition from alive to dead was seamless.



My Heart Attack Story pt.2

You can clearly see how I have improved the artwork since I drew this strip back whenever. To me, it doesn’t diminish the story in any way. And that’s what is important to me. The story. I know I’m never going to be as good as John Severin or Richard Corben, and I’m not trying to be. I’m just trying to be me, telling stories I think you might find interesting.


My Heart Attack Story pt.1

I wrote this a few years ago, but was never able to prepare it the way I wanted it. So I painted it, and fixed it digitally. I’m going to do the same thing with “Radio Daze”. You see, I started all this while writing the Tatertotdiaperman strips. I wrote myself into those early strips, as a joke. But then, I started to tell stories of what was happening in my daily life. Banners and Buffoons came first, then it was this story, and then “Radio Daze”, which is actually the continuation of “Adults Only”. Yep, I wrote the damn book out of order.