Adult’s Only available now!

I self publish, but I would love a publisher! Someone with enough money to promote my material and send me to all the conventions! Until that time comes, however, you can purchase many of my books at That is where you will find “Adult’s Only”, part two of my memoir series, which began with “Kmart Shoes”.  It’s full color, and it is the very first version of these stories I’ve done! Grab it here:



2 thoughts on “Adult’s Only available now!”

  1. Dude, you’re my fuckin hero. I just stumbled on your pages through best American comics. I’m
    Addicted to your drawings. You draw just like me! Well, kinda. The same feeling. And I also have some mental issues. And I also want to be a cartoonist! But at 30 sometimes I feel like I missed the boat.

    I’m just glad you exist. Please keep making work!

    1. I didn’t really start until age 41 in 2009. That’s when I decided to really go for it. You didn’t miss any boat. If you have stories to tell, tell them!

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