Antiseptic strips

So back in the day, I decided to chuck the big pages, and start writing about my life as if it were a daily comic strip. The result was “Antiseptic”, a few which I have posted here.

So before I decided to post this, I looked at the stats from my last post. I had one view. And it was probably me. I know I haven’t updated this site in a long time, but that is the nature of mental illness. I have been depressed about my art career ever since I lost my editorial cartooning gig right before Christmas in 2013. It was a crushing blow. In fact, I figured that would be a good time to just STOP creating comics altogether and just focus on my health and the occasional painting. I will write about what happened then, and all the events that have lead up to this point in my next book. So to my readers and friends, I am sorry. The anxiety alone should have landed me in the hospital several times, but here I am.

Am I out of this spiraling river? Not quite. I have a ton of anxiety, and right now I am channeling that into creation. You see, right after my editorial career took a shit, my computer took a shit. With all my files and Photoshop. As graduate school for my wife takes precedent (for only one more year thank God) , my dreams were put on hold. So I had all these completed (or half complete) books just sitting around for years getting dusty and discolored. Well, then something great and unexpected happened.

I can’t tell you about it yet, but you will find out soon enough when it gets announced publicly. I will say that I have gotten the big break I have worked so hard to get. So that motivated me to get all those books finished. And I have gotten 6(!) done so far! All of these titles : The Apocalypse Chronicles, Digital Anxiety (an full color art book), A-Hole! #5, Pin Shot (a small collection of the few auto bio comics I’ve managed to do in full color), Peter Puke (with color by David Steinlicht), and finally Starship Down! All of these books, along with most of my other books, can be found at, and a couple evn have Kindle editions! So don’t give up on me. I’m trying.


antiseptic 1