Mental Illness Sucks part 1179

Yeah, fuck-n-a, man. It’s hard to talk about this shit, even harder to write about it. Fuck making a comic about it; I’ve done that enough and no one wants to read that shit anyway. I am suffering from a terrible anxiety right now, and it is crippling me to a certain degree. I don’t sleep. I make poor choices when it comes to food because I am just not motivated to cook. Mostly I can’t draw, or socialize. I have 5 new publications for sale at Amazon (A-Hole#5 (featuring Scottish artist Christopher Duff and a suprise comic from Danno Klonowski), Digital Anxiety( a full color art book of digital paintings), Peter Puke ( a kid friendly collaboration between myself and David Steinlicht featuring a “throwback” type of comic style, Starship Down (which I began in 1985 and re drew in 2007), and lastly, The Apocalypse Chronicles, the not-so-final-chapter of the Golden Crown saga started waaay back in my first comic, Klonko. If I get invited to MSP Comicon this spring, I will bring my entire library with me. No toys this year. Just books and artwork. I’ve had to put the money first in years past much to my own shame. As far as social appearances go, I’m not sure, although I plan on heading over to Monster HQ for lunch at some point to bring those jokers some books and maybe a painting. Until then, here are the covers for the new books, and the back cover for A-hole #5, drawn by C.Duff. Cheers!