Summer Bummer

Right after SpringCon, at the end of May,I had to be rushed to the emergency room in intense pain. I knew what it was. Kidney stones. I had been hospitalized for them 13 years ago, and 10 years prior to that. I was very familiar with the standars remedies as well. What I didn’t know, is how is would disabled me for 2 months! Pain, blood, percosets; these have been my companions all summer. I have barely been able to draw anything. My hands shake terribly. Gratefully, the worst seems to be over for now. I am starting to recover. I have stopped taking the painkillers, and have started to work again on my auto-bio stuff. It’s difficult to physically draw right now until the shakes go away and my muscles strengthen again, but it’s funny how my creativity has exploded. I can’t show you anything right now, but I will tell you that I am up to page 68 on the direct sequel to “Kmart Shoes”, and I am trying hard to finish the book before FallCon.

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