SpringCon 2013 May 18-19

I have decided to come out of hiding for a short while to make a rare appearance at SpringCon. I am bringing 10 copies of “Wit’s End”, and the latest “A-Hole” books, which you will surely want, because I have been hard at work tying up all the loose ends to my all my stories into one giant epic. Those stupid little non-sensical cartoons in “A-Hole” number 1? They are all part of it as well. But enough about my books.
I am bringing lots of toys, loose and otherwise, to sell at the con. I have some gems. Some “Star Wars” vehicles with figures for super cheap. Micro machines and rare vehicles. Rare Gundam action figures and (gasp!) Gundam vehicles! I am also bringing finished and customize Gundam models I have built as well as hard to find Japanese action figure model kits! (complete! Some with the papers!) Complete Transformers, including the first Death Star/Darth Vader transformer, complete and dirt cheap! Of course, I will have the oddball toys as well, and a bunch of other cool stuff! How about a loose Millenium Falcon (complete!) with Han and Chewie for only $25? Castle GreySkull loose and complete with He-man, Skeletor, Orko, and Battle cat, all complete, for $50! The list goes on.
I have aslo lost 80+ pounds due to my lifestyle change. Eat food and exercize. Stay away from meat, dairy, bread, and white rice. I hope to see evryone out at the St.Paul fairgrounds next weekend!


1 thought on “SpringCon 2013 May 18-19”

  1. I was at Comic Con yesterday and somehow missed you. I was hoping to run into you to see if you had any more cool paintings with you this year as well. Sorry to have missed you!

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