A Rare Glimpse

I rarely post photos from my many sketch books. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they are too private. But last year at FallCon, I had a bunch of them for sale! I sold only 4 pages to one girl, of artwork I never copied or drew again. In fact, I’ve completely forgotten the subject of the drawings, comre to think of it. Oh well, nine to the universe, right? Well, here are some drawings from my most recent sketchbook. I’m not opposed to selling them, I just don’t care enough about thenm to really give a ripe shite.

SpringCon 2013 May 18-19

I have decided to come out of hiding for a short while to make a rare appearance at SpringCon. I am bringing 10 copies of “Wit’s End”, and the latest “A-Hole” books, which you will surely want, because I have been hard at work tying up all the loose ends to my all my stories into one giant epic. Those stupid little non-sensical cartoons in “A-Hole” number 1? They are all part of it as well. But enough about my books.
I am bringing lots of toys, loose and otherwise, to sell at the con. I have some gems. Some “Star Wars” vehicles with figures for super cheap. Micro machines and rare vehicles. Rare Gundam action figures and (gasp!) Gundam vehicles! I am also bringing finished and customize Gundam models I have built as well as hard to find Japanese action figure model kits! (complete! Some with the papers!) Complete Transformers, including the first Death Star/Darth Vader transformer, complete and dirt cheap! Of course, I will have the oddball toys as well, and a bunch of other cool stuff! How about a loose Millenium Falcon (complete!) with Han and Chewie for only $25? Castle GreySkull loose and complete with He-man, Skeletor, Orko, and Battle cat, all complete, for $50! The list goes on.
I have aslo lost 80+ pounds due to my lifestyle change. Eat food and exercize. Stay away from meat, dairy, bread, and white rice. I hope to see evryone out at the St.Paul fairgrounds next weekend!