The Epic

What I’ve done, is taken all of my stories lines that have gone unfinished, and I’m finishing them. This includes the sagas of Tatertotdiaperman, Pink Eraserhead, The Apocalypse Chronicles, Klonko and Lord Harold, and a few others. Here is the suprise though. I have found a way to tie all the stories together under one common plot line. And I’m publishing all of it under the “A-Hole” banner. It will be 9 issues (or chapters) long, and it will answer all of the questions I’ve left from other comics, including “Stovetop”. It’s a huge project, but I just received a proof copy of “A-Hole!” #4 and it looks swell. Five is almost done. 4 more pages I think. Half of 6,7, and 8 are complete. Here is a photo of my wall of work. DSCN0268DSCN0269

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